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It's not all glitz and glamour - sustainability is at the heart of all we do.

The Hat Studio stocks a fabulous variety of pieces from hats to hairbands, fascinators to hatinators and not to mention a beautiful bag or two! But behind all the glitz and glamour there is an important message. Sustainability.

Fast fashion is a double-edged sword in today’s society. While we all love to have every changing style to choose from, is it worth the effect it has on our planet? Every year, 92 million tonnes of fashion-related waste is accumulated and 20% of water waste is linked to textile dyeing. In 2020, research showed that 10% of carbon emissions were produced by the fashion industry, and by 2030 this will increase by 50% if nothing changes.

Without wanting to fill us all with worry and dread, I do believe it is our responsibility to make little changes in our lives to help heal our planet and keep it turning to future generations to come. Introducing, The Hat Studio, the perfect solution to keeping up with the fabulously fresh fashions of today, whilst making a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint.

Hiring hats and fascinators not only helps to reduce the product demand from fashion companies but it is also kinder on your bank balance and keeps the clutter from your cupboards. Hiring for an event can save a huge chunk from the cost of your overall outfit and once you are done, you simply hand it back and I keep it for someone else to look as amazing in it as you did! On average, you can hire three different hats for the price it would cost to buy one! Saving the environment is a very welcome added bonus.

Behind the scenes, we try to use as many recyclable products as possible. All packaging is either cardboard or tissue paper and the majority of record-keeping is done digitally on a laptop. Together we can work on making our planet a safer, happier one to live in and we can still look fabulous doing so!

Katie Xx

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